Kjellberg PA-S70 W

Kjellberg PA-S70 W

The plasma cutting unit PA-S70 W is the most powerful model of the PA-S series. It covers a cutting range from 5 up to 70 mm. In addition to the cost-efficient use of air as plasma gas, argon/hydrogen can be used in order to achieve better cutting results with stainless steel. In addition to the machine torch, the unit can also be operated with a hand torch including a gouging option.


Technical Data

Power source
Cutting current
Cutting range
Dimensions (L x W x H)

PA-S70 W
80 A / 160 A / 240 A
5 - 70 mm
up to 30 mm
1380 x 870 x 1080 mm
460 kg

Plasma torches

Machine torch
Hand torch

PB-S70 W


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