The newest Control System invented by Messer is the "Global Control". It enables you to enter a new dimension in plate processing and by using unique features, it can help you reduce the downtime and increase your output.

Running on the architecture makes it possible to connect the machine to your company-wide intranet. Remote access of machine information and easy data capture are new features of Global Control.

Virtual Service is a new and unique feature. It allows our team of experts to remotely diagnose many problems that, in the past, would have required a technician on-site. Through the use of your internet connection, it is possible to build a safe, Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection between your Global Control System and our diagnosis server. After establishing the connection, we are able to view the same data being displayed to the operator back at our facility. Now through the vast amount of diagnostic information in the Global Control, including an on-board oscilloscope, we can perform remote troubleshooting and updates to your software as necessary. Through this feature we can often solve occasional problems within a few hours. Instead of having expensive downtimes, you can now restart your production nearly without delay.


Operator interface:

Intuitve operator interface-e.g. here the process-database with graphic consumable display-saves tedious searching in and for cutting tables


The Omniflow Automatic Gas Control System provides automatic setting and regulation of preheat oxygen, cutting oxygen and fuel gas pressure during oxyfuel cutting. Precise, automatic control of the piercing process is possible for up to five-inch thick mild steel. The Omniflow system is designed for use with MG TurboFlame and ALFA oxyfuel torches. The Omniflow system is integrated into the Global Control Plus, eliminating the need for an extra control. The EdgeMate and EdgeMaster machines powered by the Global Control S require the Omniflow control box.