Hypertherm HySpeed Plasma HSD130

Hypertherm HySpeed Plasma HSD130

The Hypertherm HySpeed Plasma HSD130 is positioned between Powermax air plasma and HyPerformance HyDefinition plasma systems. It features impressive cut speeds, rapid piercing and minimal secondary operations for maximum productivity. A cost-effective alternative to other metal cutting solutions such as oxyfuel or air plasma, the system incorporates Hypertherm’s patented LongLife™ technology to significantly improve consumable life for both oxygen and air processes.

Hypertherm HySpeed Plasma HSD130 Specification

Mild Steel Dross free
Production (pierce)
Severance (edge starts)
16 mm (5/8")
25 mm (1")
38 mm (1-1⁄2")
Stainless Steel Production (pierce)
Severance (edge starts)
20 mm (3/4")
25 mm (1")
Aluminum Production (pierce)
Severance (edge starts)
20 mm (3/4")
25 mm (1")
(Mild steel)
Book specification at highest output current 12 mm (1/2")
2200 mm/m
(80 ipm)
Cut angle ISO 9013 range** 4
Weldability   Ready to weld
Process gases
by material
Mild steel

Stainless steel

02/Air, Air/Air

Air/Air, N2/N2,
F5/N2, H35/N2

Air/Air, H35/N2
Process amps
Not all processes available
for all materials

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