Kjellberg Fine Focus 1600

Kjellberg Fine Focus 1600

Kjellberg Fine Focus 1600 consists of two FineFocus 800 power sources connected in parallel. It cuts materials with a thickness of up to 160 mm (dry plasma cutting) or, respectively, up to 100 mm (unterwater plasma cutting). Furthermore, it is possible to use two plasma torches PB-S80 W (up to 300 A) simultaneously.

Kjellberg Fine Focus 1600 Technical Data

Power source
Cutting current at 100% duty cycle
Cutting range
Dimensions (L x W x H)

FineFocus 1600 (2x FineFocus 800)
40 - 600 A
Dry plasma cutting: 5 - 160 mm
Underwater plasma cutting: 5 - 100 mm
up to 80 mm
2x 1375 x 870 x 1505 mm
2x 552 kg

Plasma torches

Dry / Underwater

PB-S80 W
PB-S151 W
PB-S100 WU

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