Kjellberg Fine Marker

Kjellberg Fine Marker

Kjellberg Fine Marker: The marking of materials is relevant for a number of applications. These include for example markings for subsequent manufacturing processes like punch marks for borings, scribing marks for subsequent cutting processes or marking of part numbers. It is an advantage that the marking depth is manually adjustable. In addition to temper colours which are not visible anymore after finishing, you can also produce deep markings which are visible even after colouring.

With the FineMarker we offer you an external unit which can easily be integrated into your present cutting system, no matter whether it is an older plasma or an oxy-fuel cutting system.


Kjellberg FineMarker Technical Data

Output current
Duty cycle
Dimensions (L x W x H)
Marking gases
Marking speed

4 - 25 A
30 kg
710 x 400 x 440 mm
Argon or air
1.5 - 12 m/min

Plasma torch

PB-M25 W (liquid-cooled)

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