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The demands on your production are continually increasing. As a solution provider, we therefore focus entirely on your needs. Continually providing increased efficiency, reliability and quality: we know what today’s metal processing industry requires from you – with our new, flexible ELEMENT platform we are already setting the course for a successful future today. Apart from the high level of productivity and precision you have come to expect from us, this solution offers customised configuration options and updates, enabling you to respond to future requirements. This gives you a real competitive edge – helping you to stay ahead in the long run.

Improved User Experience


The new, easy-to-operate Global Connect CNC control equipped with 18.5” touchscreen helps to save paper and provides a clear overview of all production data in digital form.


Improved Cutting Quality


Selected premium components and smooth, vibration-free tool path movements thanks to helical rack and pinion drive systems

Increased Safety

Compliance with all applicable standards and specifications, e.g. through the use of a moving light barrier


Efficient Operation


Floor mounted rails for clearing and unloading of parts leads to time savings


The ELEMENT 400 is the pioneer of our new platform solution. As a highly flexible all-rounder, it embodies everything it stands for. Safe, efficient, suitable for automation, versatile and upgradable with hardware and software from a single source, it combines our entire experience from more than 120 years in the field of thermal cutting – to benefit you in your everyday work.

The ELEMENT 400 is our multi-talent for all common cutting and additional processes, for serial tasks in continuous operation and special tasks with a focus on perfect cuts.

Plasma Bevel Cutting - Bevel-S

From complex contours, holes or bevels for welding seam preparation: the new Delta has been developed specifically for use with the ELEMENT platform and provides a very high degree of flexibility. It enables precise bevel cuts within an angular range from +45° to -45°. The process is controlled by Global Connect, allowing you to perform all preparatory work in next to no time. High-acceleration ±540° rotation enables you to use your machine at maximum efficiency. For a perfect result, the torch height is controlled automatically and precisely throughout the entire cutting process based on the arc voltage. Throughout the development of the torch, special attention was paid to function and low wear of materials.

Your benefits:

  • Bevel cuts ranging from +45° to -45°
  • C-axis rotation up to ±540°
  • Compact design providing maximum effective working width
  • Low weight for excellent dynamic behaviour
  • Material-compatible design for low follow-up costs

Plasma Bevel Unit Bevel-R

Our compact 5-axis bevel cutting unit with collision protection is the entry-level solution for occasional bevel cutting.

With ±45° cuts and quasi infinite rotation, the Bevel-R does not only allow cuts at a right angle, but also bevel cuts from V, X or Y on simple contours for subsequent welding processes.

Your benefits:

  • High performance and precision combined with low maintenance due to the use of AC servo drives
  • The integrated protective function with magnetically positioned torch holder ensures quick, easy and precise torch alignment following a collision
  • Simple set-up of the correct tool centre point after changing consumables
  • The torch height is controlled within ±0,25 mm accuracy by means of arc voltage height sensing, resulting in a consistently high component precision during bevel cutting
  • Bevel angle ranging from +45° to -45° with suitable plasma units
  • The starting distance of the torch is determined directly by the nozzle contact, resulting in short cycle times and high measuring accuracy
  • Can be ideally combined with other thermal cutting processes on the same machine

Plasma Straight Cutting

Plasma Straight cutting is a particularly fast and cost-effective process for all conductive materials such as aluminium, copper, mild steel and high-alloy steel.

Due to the use of a range of different technologies for straight cutting, our machines can easily be adapted to your requirements. This ensures that we can always offer you the ideal solution according to material, thickness, cutting quality and cutting speed and recommend a great variety of tools for plasma cutting tasks.

Your benefits:

  • Extremely fast and efficient
  • Flexibly adaptable to your tasks

Oxyfuel machine torch ALFA

Our ALFA torch offers numerous sophisticated features and options, taking thermal cutting to a completely new level. The torch nozzle, for example, can be replaced without a tool. As a result, misalignment of the torch is prevented, resulting in drastically reduced set-up times. The cap can simply be unscrewed to expose the nozzles, so they can easily be checked or replaced.

Moreover, material can be utilised in a more efficient way, as the ALFA is able to cut effectively up to and along the edge of the sheet.

Furthermore, the torch integrates numerous functions, which on other systems are attached to the outside, such as height sensing. Their full integration eliminates the need for additional cables and sensing rings – and having to exchange the latter to suit different material thicknesses or to replace them due to wear.

Your benefits:

  • Quick nozzle change without tools and without a misalignment of the torch, resulting in significantly reduced idle times
  • Improved material utilisation through optimal sensing and cutting, also along the edges
  • Fully integrated magnetic height sensing


Our robust and low-maintenance OmniScript punch marking system enables quick marking of numerous materials: within a few seconds, the vibrating stylus, incorporating its own transverse axes, generates an easily legible, durable marking whilst providing easy operation.

Your benefits:

  • High-speed marking with numbers, letters and special characters as well as lines and contours
  • Variable marking depth
  • Automatic shutter provides protection against external influences
  • Ability to apply markings through a corroded sheet surface or mill scale
  • Suitable for surfaces up to 100 x 100 mm without moving the guiding machine
  • Clear, physical markings that cannot be easily removed

Inkjet Marker

The robust Inkjet marker is able to quickly and quietly mark a range of different surfaces with text, data and logos. Due to its easy operation and modular structure, it can be used flexibly – even under extreme environmental conditions such as dust, vibration, temperature fluctuations or moisture.

The variants providing 7 or 16 nozzles allow producing single-line or two-line markings of up to 67 mm in height.

Your benefits:

  • Designed for use in the metal processing industry
  • Quick, quiet marking without damage to the sheet surface
  • Very robust and reliable technology
  • Economical use of consumables
  • Quick cleaning of the print head at the touch of a button
  • IP65 protection
  • Markings cannot be wiped off with water
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